Xenxo Wearable Smart Ring
Xenxo Wearable Smart Ring
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Xenxo Wearable Smart Ring

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Xenxo Wearable Smart Ring

Technology has taken us to a lot of frontiers. It allowed us to connect with our families, peers, and co-workers in every way unimaginable way when our grandparents were born. Communication is now easier, and can be done in seconds at the touch of our fingertips.

The evolution does not end with smart phones and smart watches. Introducing, the revolutionary next stage in communication – Xenxo’s wearable smart rings.

You can pair it with your smart phone.

You can easily pair this wearable ring with your smart phone through an application. Once synced, you can discreetly take calls when you are in a public place or in a meeting. You can also call your favorite contacts through the smart ring without taking out your smartphone.

You can call for help without alarming your attacker.

With the Xenxo wearable smart ring synced to your mobile phone through the Xenxo application, you can call for help without alerting your attacker.

You can store your important files.

The Xenxo wearable smart ring also works as a USB Drive that you can take with you anywhere. Keep in it your important and immediate files which you can access when you plug it into a computer.

You can set alarms without waking anyone up.

If you are sharing the room with someone, waking up in different times can be a problem, especially if one has to wake up very early. Setting up early alarms will not be a problem with the wearable smart ring’s silent alarm.

You will never forget your phone.

Leaving your phone will be a thing of the past. The Xenxo wearable ring will alert you if it cannot detect your phone within a specified distance.

Track your fitness and health goals.

The Xenxo smart ring and application keep track of your health and fitness goals, by keeping track of your health vitals and parameters. Work for that healthy and fit body with the Xenxo smart ring.

There are many other things that you can do with Xenxo’s smart ring: pay your shopping bills with a tap, talk to Siri or your Google Assistant, and change music through specific gestures. Get one now!


Track your health and fitness goals.

Features silent alarm that wakes you up without waking others.

Make a call privately and discreetly.

Call for help without alerting the bad guys.

It can be a data storage for your important files.