Wooden French Bulldog 3D LED Night Hologram
Wooden French Bulldog 3D LED Night Hologram
Wooden French Bulldog 3D LED Night Hologram
Wooden French Bulldog 3D LED Night Hologram
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Wooden French Bulldog 3D LED Night Hologram

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Wooden French Bulldog 3D LED Night Light

Here’s the perfect present for a French Bulldog owner or a general dog lover of any age and for whatever occasion! This USB-powered French Bulldog 3D lamp is definitely going to add character to any room and may even work quite well to adorn a business site.


It’s an eye-catching art piece.


This 3D LED night light provides a unique lighting effect. It actually creates an optical illusion, which you won’t find in a typical decorative lamp. It glows so brightly and fully in the dark that it’s not just a lamp, it’s an art piece begging to be admired.


The boxed wood carving around the lamp helps to soften the light’s appearance. Thus, it will make a great accent piece in the bedroom, living room, dormitory, study hall, office space, bar, restaurant, cafe or cinema.


It’s energy efficient.


Despite its warm white glow, however, this LED light comes with an efficient LED strip that keeps your power usage to a minimum. This lamp’s lifespan is 50,000 hours.  


It’s so lightweight but durable.


The wood carving is made of a wood-plastic composite that’s lightweight, transportable and easy to carry. Not that you would need to pack this lamp often since this piece should be on display. However, it’s worth noting that if you have to move this lamp around or change its place, then it won’t be too heavy to do so.


It’s also eco-friendly and safe even for the kids’ bedroom. The wood carving won’t cause a splinter or hurt their fingers. Since it’s lightweight, curious kids won’t accidentally drop this lamp and harm themselves. Place your order today!



  • Adorable decorative accent lighting for the home, office or business
  • Powerful energy-efficient LED lights let it shine brightly and fully
  • Made of high-quality materials that make it durable and safe
  • USB powered only
  • The simple on and off switch makes it ultimately user-friendly