Electric Wine Decanter
Electric Wine Decanter
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Electric Wine Decanter

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It lets your senses enjoy your wine more.

Young wines can be tight to your palate sometimes. Letting the wine breathe, allowing it take enough oxygen, helps improve its aroma. Not only that, an aerated wine will taste much better, and more full-bodied. Enjoy your wine just a little bit more with the Electric Wine Decanter.

It separates the wine from unsightly sediments.

Decanting mainly separates the sediment from your wine, making your wine taste better. This is especially needed with older wines, which tend to sediment more as they age. Decanting makes sure that these sediments stay in the bottle, and that all that goes into your glass is clear and better tasting wine.

Avoid spills and accidents.

The Electric Wine Decanter transfers wine straight into your wine glass. Avoid spills on your table, or worse, on your favorite suit or dress. The Electric Wine Decanter allows you a mess and spill free night of drinking with just one push of a button.

It is easy to use.

Simply attach the Electric Wine Decanter into the bottle of your favorite wine. Once it is fitted into the bottle, simply press the button to transfer wine into your glass.

With the Electric Wine Decanter, enjoying great tasting wine has never been easy. Get one for yourself or for a wine-loving friend.


  • It fully aerates your wine in seconds.
  • Enjoy great tasting and full-bodied wine.
  • It keeps your wine fresh.
  • It helps avoid spills and accidents.
  • It is easy to use.